Remember the low point when my dad was gone: We lived on Third Street in a front room, and I take people there sometimes. I took Ken Elder, my old buddy from Ann Arbor, there and said, is where I lived, dude. We didn even have a bathroom. How: Step forward into a lunge with your left foot. Place your right forearm to the ground and your left elbow to the inside of your left foot, and hold the stretch for two seconds. Then place your left hand outside your foot and push your hips up, pointing your front toes up.

26 The Camrose Canadian Thursday September 27, 2012 MPSSCS4362610MPSE THANK YOU COMMUNITY AWARDS PROGRAM DONORS! The Community Awards Program is one of the most important fund raising initiatives of the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus. AUGUSTANA CAMPUS is a campus appreciative of its heritage and well positioned for the future we recognize this success is supported by the generosity of our donors. In 2011/12, gifts to the Community Awards Program provided over 90 awards, totaling approximately $73,000.

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A man approaches. A fearsome gaunt figure stands at the ready on what seems to be an innocent wooded path. A sword of fabulous light is drawn casting its perimeter into shadows. Officials said the blast probably was timed to disrupt a Marine Corps charity run, but no one was near the blast because registration problems delayed the race. Officials said the device had a cell phone as a timer; no one has claimed responsibility. In Manhattan Chelsea neighborhood, an explosion rocked 23rd Street and 6th Avenue, injuring 29 people and sending panicked people scrambling for cover.

T Mobile Rookie Program T Mobile is showcasing the NBA’s newest players through the T Mobile Rookie Program. Highlights include rookie award presentations such as the T Mobile Rookies of the Month and T Mobile Rookie of the Year, and the T Mobile Rookie Challenge Youth Jam. T Mobile congratulates the rookies who have made enormous contributions to their teams’ success to earn the monthly honor.

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